We’re back with another installment of Members in the Mirror. The first was so successful, we decided to do it again. Curious how it works? You snap the photo in front of the mirror and add it to your Black Planet profile and we feature them. Ready to see who we picked this time? Scroll […]

Mirror,mirror on the wall. Who has the best camera phone pic of them all? Everybody’s done it. You’re catch yourself in the mirror looking fabulous. Hair, makeup, and outfit is banging (for men, the six pack is looking extra toned). You realize you must capture this rare moment and share it with your boyfriend, Twitter […]

You don’t have to have the radio on for more than five minutes before Nicki Minaj is asking for “Your Love”, Drake is asking to “Find Your Love” and Trey Songz is talking about those “Love Faces” you used to make.  With so much play time, these artists are obviously having a monstrously good time […]

Ask Val is BACK!!! This popular BlackPlanet member has her own column on her profile page. Check it out here to find out more about her and to find out the non nonsense style of her writings. You Mean There Is Still Racism? Why Not Join The Afro Punk Group? Welcome To The World of […]

Erotic author, Allison Hobbs, has been a BlackPlanet member for almost 3 years and has written several books in the realm that involves passion, lust and whatever else that comes to the imagination. She’s been nominated for several erotica awards and you can check out her page to find out more about her. You can […]

Come join a group where love is color blind. Love Spectrum immediately draws you in with their design and their customized setup, which you will appreciate. The active group can be found here. The Signature Of Beauty The Black Vote: Always Being Taken For Granted If You’re A Fan of Ole Skool Music, This Is […]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m pretty sure many would agree with that statement. Today’s spotlight group, BBW- Signature of Beauty, is a popular group dedicated to big, beautiful women and the strength and beauty they possess. To speak to like-minded individuals who appreciate them, click here! Journey To Love With […]

BlackPlanet member, Tawana Lael, is a performer who released her album, Journey To Love, in August and you can check out her profile to find out where to purchase it as well as finding out where she has and will be performing. Check out her profile here. In Trying Times, Keep Your Head Up! Meet […]