Take these 5 celebrity approved styles to your nearest salon, NOW!

Gorgeous Hair

What good is a protective style like braids if your hair is unhealthy once you take it out? Vitamins like the Mane Choice Multi Collagen gummies provide nutrients that maintain hair health and promote growth.


This beauty is aging backwards!

Box braids have made a resurgence in the fashion world as a hot new trend, but its origins trace back decades ago to African origins. Take a look back at where the trend really started, plus how Janet Jackson's Poetic Justice box braids first brought them to the mainstream.

Destiny Tompkins put her store managers on blast after she was threatened to have her hours cut if she didn't change her hair style.


Push through for the culture, Teyana!

Now that celebrities like Beyonce and Solange have made box braids a staple summer hair style, we’re all rushing to the beauty salon to sit six hours for this classic protective style. I can finally say that I am a part of #TeamBoxBraids. We’re in the last few months of summer and I’ve had enough of doing […]