black girls

For far too long, little Black girls have not been allowed to be little girls...and that's a serious problem.

Apparently, staff members from East Middle School in Binghamton, NY, believed the students were on drugs.

A bystander videotaped the Coral Springs authorities hitting the 14-year-old while she was lying face down.

The president of Noble Network of Charter Schools swears that this is “exaggerated or plainly false.”

A’layah Weatherspoon's mother and father want for other parents to be vigilant in speaking with their children about their feelings.

An internal investigation conducted by the Grand Rapids police department found that their officers did not violate department policy.

A recent analysis sadly confirms that our young girls face serious racial bias when it comes to discipline in the classroom.

Black girls are five more times likely to be suspended then white girls, the study reveals.

The event, which happened last month, was aimed at empowering our youth to read and see themselves as heroes.

Plus, FBI director believes there’s no proof of "epidemic" police violence against Black people and the nation's high school graduation rate hits record high of 83.2 percent.

It's the first out of 430 registered caucuses that will focus solely on the issues that we as African-American women face.