The television icon’s wife could be forced to testify about what she may know about her husband's behavior.

Bill Cosby is finally breaking his silence with the media as the the growing number of sexual assault allegations surrounding him continues. While Cosby doesn’t address the allegations directly he uses the opportunity to reprimand the black media on the coverage of the scandal. In an brief interview with the New York Post, Cosby tells reporter Stacy Brown, who also writes […]

The net continues to widen around the sexual allegations surrounding Bill Cosby. The Los Angeles Police Department is now looking into claims Cosby forced Judy Huth into performing a sex act on him while in the bedroom at the Playboy Mansion in 1974. Huth contends she and a friend of hers got an invite to the […]

Bill Cosby himself has finally addressed the onslaught of rape allegations that were resurrected last month. The comedian, who was once America’s favorite dad, has patently refused to speak out on all of the claims (old and new) that have come against him. He’s shut down journalists during recorded interviews, and he’s even had his […]