In the big chop heard around the world, Tiffany Haddish decided to part ways with her hair. Social Media thought she was going crazy, but the truth is, sometimes women need a change. Sometimes, we don’t want to constantly manipulate our hair. Sometime we’re just tired! Black hair requires a lot of TLC. Tiffany expressed […]

Stepdad Russell Wilson perfectly buzzed the 5-year-old's head and it looks great!.

The Grammy-winning singer looks amazing with a head full of short finger coils.

Just as I was playing in my own big curls pretending that my little Walmart fan had the power of seven Beyonce concert fans, when King Bey goes and does the “big chop” (a la Halle Berry).  In real life–we think! The internet is currently going bananas. Some speculate that it’s a lacefront wig. I […]