best friends

Kanye West and Jay Z's friendship is like nothing else.

Every woman needs a great circle of loyal, trustworthy, and sometimes wild and crazy girlfriends. With the term “frenenemy” running rampant in these streets and now an official word in the dictionary, it’s tough to find girls that actually have your back, and aren’t with the petty drama. Every now and then you need to […]

How many times have you heard this from a female: “I don’t have many female friends.” I’ve heard this from so many women, said in so many different ways. But what do women really mean by this?

I can honestly say, hands down, I have the best group of friends. We have been through it all, from cheating on tests in school, sneaking out of the house in high school, and now raising our children together. But there is for some reason a new type of friend that has been plaguing me […]