Angela Rye is a political pundit but her unapologetic Blackness, including wearing her natural hair on-air, is one of her most powerful political statements.

The activists have allegedly parted ways after less than a year of dating.

Like Maxine Waters said last year, strong Black women "cannot be intimidated." And, we definitely can't be denied.

#45's former campaign economics adviser Stephen Moore really believes that we love this President.


  During the course of the nightmare that is the Trump White House, there have been political commentators from all party affiliations giving their take on exactly what’s going on. However, one voice among them has stood out and that happens to be from everyone’s favorite “cousin” Angela Rye, who is teaming up with BET […]

The Oscar-winning rapper says that his woke political strategist girlfriend encourages him to do better and be better.

At Saturday night's Creative Arts Emmy Awards, our favorite political pundit and rapper were very cozy on the red carpet.

One of the first guests on her new show, which debuts on July 12, will be Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Angela Rye told Tomi Lahren know her lane and stay in it after she tried to come for Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Tomi, who has tons of free time after getting booted from The Blaze, decided that she was going to hop into a conversation that had nothing to do with her earlier this week. Maxine […]