"It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking in fear. That's why I cut my hair, and why I continue to cut it," Jada revealed.

Nicki Minaj is just one of the celebrities who took to social media to react to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

  "You know Mama's gone put some rhinestones in there, and I'm just gone make me a little crown."  


"It was this weird juxtaposition of being highlighted as this beautiful, confident woman. And on the other side, I was going bald.”

By revealing her battle with alopecia, the beloved freshman Democrat is empowering all of us!

On Jan. 29, the freshman Congresswoman from Massachusetts took to the House floor, wigless, to introduce the Comprehensive Credit Act.

The iconic doll company hails that its Barbie Fashionistas line is their “most diverse," featuring “more skin tones, hair types, and body shapes than ever before."

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is just one of the millions of women that struggle with this form of severe hair loss.

The freshman Democrat from Massachusettes bared it all for us to see, and are grateful to her for having the courage to speak her truth.

Monique Allen, who goes by @WigDealer on Instagram, is a wig enthusiasts who creates flawless custom units for her long list of clients. Before starting on her entrepreneurial journey, the self-taught stylist revealed she was dealing with extreme hair loss. Monique worked as a registered nurse, with plans on becoming a Nurse anesthetist, but her […]


Black women and hair loss is unfortunately a common pairing. This is largely due to the consistent reliance on weaves, wigs and braids. However, there are also many black women who suffer from forms of alopecia that don’t necessarily correlate to hair styling. On the latest episode of the Facebook talk show Red Table Talk, […]

Yet, 81 percent of Black women don't seek medical attention and treatment for their alopecia.