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1. We’re RAD & We Know It! The Women’s US Olympic Bobsled Team

If girls don’t run the world, I don’t know who does. This week’s recent announcement of the Women’s US Olympic Bobsled Team has proven that the ladies rocking the red white & blue in Sochi will be quite a RAD line up.

Track stars turned bobsledders unite in a way that is bound to be GOLD! Are you wondering what makes this year’s team so RAD? Well then, check this out. Gooooo team USA!

2. Lolo Jones- Ms. Running Thangs

Lolo is her name and the Olympics are her game. The infamous two-time Olympic hurdler has officially been announced as one of the three pushers for the team. And while many may be glad to see this beauty in the Olympic playing field again, many think the whole entire thing is a publicity stunt. All I can say is, let the games begin. It’s not easy to be 1 of 9 Americans to compete in both games. Medals don’t lie!

3. Lauryn Williams- Ms. I Don’t Quit

Runners are running the game ladies. Williams is another track star turned pusher for the team. However don’t be fooled, she knows a thing or two about bobsledding. After the many victories she collected as a track star, she was forced to retire in 2013 due to an injury. And while many would have been done, she turned things around and picked up bobsledding in July 2013. Can you say persistent?! Love it!

4. Aja Evans- Ms. NFL Bobsledder

If you want it all you can have it all! Don’t believe me, ask Evans. As another track star diva turned bobsled pusher, this lady plays no games. She competed in the shot put and sprint events at the University of Illinois and it was her college coach who first offered up the idea of bobsledding. Well look at her now! This lady comes from a family lineage of athletes and trains with NFL players…can you say BEAST!?

5. Elana Meyers- Ms. Victorious Veteran

No one can accuse this wonder woman for being a “walk on.” As one of the three drivers on the team, Meyers has been in the bobsled game for seven years. And boy does she have the medals to prove it. She has collected six medals so far this season alone, and you better believe two of them are gold. I think I feel a third coming on!

6. Jazmine Fenlator- Ms. Smart & Fast

Another veteran in the house! Fenlator has been bobsledding since 2007 and like most of her other team members, used to smoke girls on the track. This seems to be a trend, because her college track coach at Rider University also encouraged her to take her laps to the snow. She is ranked seventh in the nation and when she isn’t collecting medals she’s collecting degrees. Fenlator is currently getting her 3rd–an MBA.

7. Jamie Greubel- Ms. World Cup

Nobody wants to mess with this east coast girl from PA. Greubel has claimed five World Cup medals and currently leads the U.S. women in points as the second ranked driver in the world. She joined the team in 2007 as well and started as a brakeman/alternate for the U.S. Olympic Team that competed in Vancouver in 2010. However today she has transitioned to the role of driver and is beyond ready to bring home gold!

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