1. Bucket List Checklist

Jamaica is one of the best islands you could ever visit on vacation. There’s romance, adventure and more. There’s so much to explore and even more to check off your bucket list! “From biking in the majestic Blue Mountains, to swimming with charismatic dolphins, visitors get to experience all that Jamaica’s diverse and exciting tourism product has to offer,” said Paul Pennicook, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism.

2. Go Bamboo River Rafting

The Martha Brae River provides the ultimate relaxation. Two people can sit on a bamboo raft while they glide along, catching all the sights at the edges of the tropical river banks. Originally used to transport produce such as bananas to various markets, the rafts are now used for guests who want to experience Jamaica’s natural landscape in style. Plus, lucky rafters may have the chance to see how the rafts are built

3. Shiver Your Timbers in Port Royal

In the 1600s, visitors would have been prey to infamous pirates in Port Royal, known at that time as “The Wickedest City on Earth.” A major earthquake sunk most of the city of Port Royal deep into the Caribbean Sea. The underwater city that resulted is a pending UNESCO World Heritage Site and the many shipwrecks make the area a scuba diving location for those who gain permission.

4. Be one with 007

Ian Fleming made his home in Jamaica where he wrote the very first of the famous James Bond novels. Guests can stay in GoldenEye Resort’s villa where Fleming found his inspiration for the famously smooth spy character. To truly summon the spirit of 007, visitors are encouraged to stake out the spots where some of the main Bond movies were filmed.

5. Find the Nicest Jerk

The best and most delicious jerk chicken, pork, and seafood is found in Jamaica. Boston Bay in Port Antonio is the birthplace of jerk, the flavor that sets tongues on fire with the iconic pimento and scotch bonnet pepper seasoning combination. The Boston Bay Jerk Centre is where one can sample the best jerk on the eastern end of the island. On the west end, visitors can try Murphy’s West End Restaurant.

6. Bike in the Blue Mountains

Jamaica’s Blue Mountains are home to a lush, cool environment. Biking ( is the best way to experience the mountains, and possibly get a glimpse of life on a coffee farm, where some of the most delicious coffee in the world is grown.

7. Swim With The Dolphins

Swim with the Dolphins – Travelers of all ages can befriend a dolphin at Jamaica’s Dolphin Cove ( The Dolphin Encounter will give visitors an intro to dolphins in shallow waters, while the Ultimate Swim will allow visitors to swim with two trained dolphins. To make it a day trip at Dolphin Cove, visitors can enjoy the live reggae music, glass-bottomed boat tours & shark & stingray excursions.

8. Swim in the Luminous Lagoon

Also called Glistening Waters, this phenomenon is truly a bucket list item. Microorganisms thrive in the waters where salt and fresh water combine, and emit a bluish glow. Visitors can jump into these waters off of the coast of Falmouth at night, and experience an otherworldly marvel.

9. Go Caving

Cockpit Country’s Windsor Caves are best suited for the spelunking type of traveler, with helmets, flashlights and ropes. In the most extreme tours, one can be underground for 4 hours in pure darkness, with bats. To experience caves at a leisurely pace, or with the family, Green Grotto in Discovery Bay is the best bet. The Caves Resort in Negril have cozy in-cave dining that’s def on your bucket list!

10. Connect with Bob Marley

No bucket list is complete in Jamaica without a little reggae. Kingston is home to the Bob Marley Museum, located on the site of the legendary musician’s former home. Visitors can experience that as well as a tour of the Jamaican Music Museum, a visit to the Rockers International record store and a hands-on experience at the Dynamic Sounds studio. Here, guests can make their own vinyl record.

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