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5 Ways To Rock The Color White After Labor Day

Source: Courtesy of Samjah Iman / Samjah Iman

Wearing white after Labor Day has been a controversial fashion topic since forever.  While some believe that the color white should be worn only during the warmer months, others believe that the color is suitable for every month of the year.  As fashion continues to evolve, more people are adopting the “no fashion rules” mentality – and as a result, they wear what they want when they want.

Although there may be a few fashion faux pas still lingering in the world of style, wearing white after Labor day is no longer one of them.  White is a neutral, yet powerful color that can add flair to any look when paired with another hue.  The color also stands out in a crowd and definitely pops when worn on darker skin tones. 

In case you haven’t fully embraced the year-round white trend yet, we are here to help.  Before you push those white clothing pieces to the back of your closet, check out five ways you can rock the color white after Labor Day below. 

1. White as the Focal Point

In case you are a skeptic about wearing white after Labor Day, ease into the trend by pairing a white piece with another color.  Renae paired her after Labor Day white look with all black.  However, she didn’t shy away from the color as she chose white to be the focal piece of her outfit.  

2. White as Outewear

White outerwear will always work after Labor Day.  There is something about a white coat or vest that says fabulous.  If you are unsure about wearing a white outfit in the fall and winter months, a white coat or vest is a great place to start.  You can pair it with other colors, dress it up, or down.  It makes any outfit look chic and timeless.  If you’re feeling super stylish, add some white sunglasses to the mix like Jazmine did. 

3. Sporty White

A sporty white look in the fall and winter months is another way to rock the color.  Sweatshirts and sweatshirt dresses are made for the cooler months; therefore, wearing a white colored one won’t be unusual.  Find an oversized, white sweatshirt and make it a dress like Sacha did.  Pair some white booties with the look and be prepared to be the center of attention wherever you go.

4. White Blazer

You should keep a white blazer in your closet….not just for the summer months, but for all months.  A white blazer is a staple that can spice up any look.  You can wear it to a formal event or dress it down for a casual event.  A piece like this will get plenty of play throughout the entire year because there are so many ways to wear it.  Throw it on as a dress if it’s big enough, or pair it with some distressed jeans like Sym did in the picture above.  Add some white pumps to the mix, and your white look is complete. 

5. White Heels

If you are still not quite ready to fully embrace the white after Labor Day trend, start with the shoes.  Gone are the days when we reserve white dressy shoes for Easter Sunday only.  A pair of white heels or boots in the fall and winter months can take any outfit to the next level.  Wearing the look with all black will surely make the white shoe pop.  If you don’t own a pair of white heels or white boots, you are behind.  Get you a pair asap!    

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