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Happy 4/20! While we might think of marijuana as solely for smoking and toking, the medicinal benefits of THC and CBD’s are high-ly touted in the medical industry. There are at least two active chemicals in marijuana that scientists and researchers believe and have proven to have medicinal applications. Cannabidiol (CBD), impacts the brain, without the high. CBD’s are anti-inflammatory and hold antioxidants, amongst other health benefits, including oxidative stress. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contains pain relieving properties and is the ingredient responsible for the high. Hemp oil is also known as an anti-aging product in addition to being quite moisturizing. While marijuana gets a bad wrap, it’s great for beauty and skincare. We rounded up 12 products that will take your skincare and beauty routine to a high-er level. Have any products you personally love? Tell us in the comment section!



1. Cannabis Beauty Defined Day & Night Serum

A daily serum helps protect your skin against the environment and all the free radicals that cause damage. This formula is anti-aging and contains sustainable hemp oil, hyaluronic acid, rose hip oil and more. ($110.00 at

2. Kush Queen Bath Bombs

This company offers 5 different bath bombs that are for energy to relaxation to even promoting sleep. Cannabinoids are combined with terpenes or essential oils for a high-ly effective spa-like treatment. The bath bombs are in a 1:1 ratio option. Get 25mg CBD + 25mg THC in every bomb. (Learn more at

3. Sagely Naturals Relief & Recovery Headache Roll-On

Throw this in your purse for a natural way to treat your headache. Containing CBD and essential oils (Peppermint, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus) this is anti-inflammatory (CBD oil), cooling (peppermint oil), and helps improve cognitive function (rosemary oil). The eucalyptus oil also helps mental sluggishness. ($29.99 at

4. Kana Sleeping Mask

This organic, overnight mask is infused with CBD’s and lavender plus over 25 other active botanicals that will hydrate, heal, and brighten your skin while you sleep. There are no fillers in this product and it’s created in small batches. This product contains Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Extract which is high in Vitamin A and E and antioxidants. The organic CBD’s include fatty acids that will leave your skin looking more youthful and smoother. ($45.00 at

5. Measurable Difference Hemp Hydrating Body Wash

This body wash contains hempseed oil which has anti-aging in addition to moisturizing benefits. Start and end your day right in the shower with this product. This is a gentle cleanser and good for sensitive skin. ($16.00 at

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