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NBC's "One Chicago" Press Day

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With social-distancing in full-effect, most of us are stuck in our homes, slowly starting to lose our minds for a range of reasons. First, if you live alone, isolation can be real. And if you live with your kids, partner or extended family members, after time, folks can really start to get on your nerves.

Sadly, this has become the new norm. Think: We might be stuck inside for the next two weeks to the next 18 months!

But it’s that uncertainty that got us thinking: If we had to be trapped inside— indefinitely— because of the coronavirus pandemic, who would it be? Who wouldn’t we mind being in close quarters with? Who would we want to keep us warm on those cold ‘rona nights?

Because Chicago P.D. is done for the season early, THANKS CORONAVIRUS, we wanted to take some time to send some love, light, and warmth to LaRoyce Hawkins, one of our favorite stars on the hit NBC drama. With his broad shoulders, endearing smile and utter sex appeal, the Chicago bred actor, who plays Officer Kevin Atwater, gives us all the feels each week. He is also one heck of an actor.


Not to mention, he’s an all-around nice guy too whose joy is infectious.


Awww…he is the perfect blend of teddy bear and sexy bear that will make you want to risk it all (Take it from me, I met him once in Chicago and almost made an entire fool of myself).

So here are all the pics of him proving why we wouldn’t mind him being by our side during this pandemic.


NBCUniversal Upfront Events - Season 2019 Source:Getty


NBCUniversal Events - Season 2019 Source:Getty


TAO Chicago Grand Opening Celebration Source:Getty


Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox Source:Getty


NBCUniversal Events - Season 2018 Source:Getty


NBCUniversal Upfront Events - Season 2018 Source:Getty


NBCUniversal Events - Season 2017 Source:Getty


NBCUniversal Events - Season 2017 Source:Getty


NBC's "One Chicago" Press Day Source:Getty


57th Monte Carlo TV Festival : Day Two Source:Getty


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