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1. Nicki Minaj Throws Shots At Iggy Azalea

If anyone premises their sentence with “No, no, no shade,” beware because they’re about to throw hella shade. Nicki Minaj dropped the line during her acceptance speech at the 2014 BET Awards and fans literally jumped out of their seats. Nicki added fuel to the fire by accusing female rappers of not writing their own music. She didn’t say any names but we assumed “The Pinkprint” star was talking about Iggy Azalea.

2. Gimmie That: Drake Steals Diddy’s Mic On Stage

We should have all seen the epic cat fight between Drake and Diddy coming after this clip hit the net, but we just laughed and brushed it off. After Diddy allegedly slapped Drake over the Toronto rapper stealing his beat, this video came to light again. Was Diddy react over pent up frustrations? Could be.

3. Lil Kim Disses K. Michelle

How did this even happen and what did K. Michelle say about Lil Kim to get the queen Bee all in her feelings? K. Michelle had visited “The Breakfast Club” where she claimed Lil Kim asked her to be her baby’s godmother. Here’s the thing, we didn’t even know they were close, which was also Kim’s reaction. “That chick is a bag of pecans. Or trail mix,” Kim said. No comment.

4. French Montana Shades Trina

Khloe Kardashian divorced her estranged boo Lamar Odom in 2014 and moved on to rapper French Montana. But wasn’t French dating Trina? So we thought. French stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” and praised his new boo Khloe but shaded Trina saying, “Honestly, I was never a couple with Trina. We were just…I was going through my divorce. I was just kind of having fun with life.” Oh no he didn’t girl.

5. Lil Kim Disses K. Michelle

This may have been one of the most awkward beefs of 2014. K. Michelle appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and revealed Lil’ Kim asked her to be her baby’s godmother. Wow. We didn’t they were that close. Apparently neither did Kim. The “Hardcore” rapper visited “TBC” and denied ever asking K. Michelle to be her baby’s Godmother. “That chick is a bag of pecans. Or trail mix,” she said. No comment.

6. August Alsina Reveals Beef with Trey Songz

August Alsina had one of the biggest debuts in 2014 thanks to his Trey Songz, Chris Brown assisted single “Love This Sh*t.” However the trio’s bromance seemed damaged when Alsina said, ““I don’t really f— with Trey right now. We don’t get along right now. He did some other s— and we just don’t rock.” He added, “We were supposed to have a show together and it just went left ’cause I can’t deal with n—-s’ egos.” Oop.

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