1. Tia In Purple

Tia In Purple

Tia is rocking this long purple dress and has spiced it up with some plain black pumps.

2. Tamera In Black

Tamera In Black

This short, black, revealing dress compliments Tamera’s figure perfectly.

3. Tia In A Silver Skirt

Tia In A Silver Skirt

These three colors, turquoise, coral and silver, are paired beautifully on Tia

4. Tamera In A Formal Long Pink Dress

Tamera In A Formal Long Pink Dress

Tamera looks beautiful in this formal pink gown

5. Tia In A Long Silver Gown

Tia In A Long Silver Gown

This long, silver gown, looks stunning on Tia

6. Tamera’s Short Pink Dress

Tamera's Short Pink Dress

Pink is definitely the color for Tamera! This short, pink dress, with a turquoise belt looks great on her

7. Tia In A Sparkling Black Dress

Tia In A Sparkling Black Dress

This black, sparkling dress with a plunging neck line looks spectacular in Tia.

8. Tamera’s Short Tan Dress

Tamera's Short Tan Dress

Tamera’s short dress looks great with some flare at the bottom!

9. Tia’s Purple Halter Dress

Tia's Purple Halter Dress

This tight, halter, purple dress brings out the best in Tia’s body.

10. Tamera Country Style

Tamera Country Style

Tamera looks beautiful in her white dress and brown boots resembling a country theme.

11. Tia’s Simple Sparkling Dress

Tia's Simple Sparkling Dress

Tia looks very elegant in this short sparkling dress, filled with all different colors.

12. Tamera’s Striped Dress

Tamera's Striped Dress

This striped dress on Tamera looks simple and cute!

13. Tia’s Short Blue Dress

Tia's Short Blue Dress

This long sleeve, blue dress, looks chic and simple on Tia.

14. Tamera’s White Dress

Tamera's White Dress

Tamera looks sophisticated and sexy in this mid-length white dress.

15. Tia Baby Bump

Tia Baby Bump

Tia is rocking her baby bump with this maroon dress and black jacket.

16. Tamera Baby Bump

Tamera Baby Bump

These bright colors look great on Tamera as she rocks a baby bump.

17. Tia’s Summer Outfit

Tia's Summer Outfit

We can barely see the baby bump under Tia’s cute, summery outfit.

18. Tamera’s Cheetah Leggings

Tamera's Cheetah Leggings

Tamera is sporting her animal print with a cute pair of cheetah leg gins.

19. Tia In Winter

Tia In Winter

Tia looks cozy in winter while pregnant!

20. Tamera In A Black Lace Maternity Dress

Tamera In A Black Lace Maternity Dress

Tamera looks beautiful as she rocks her baby bump and this lacy black dress.

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