1. Don’t Scare Him Girl!

Everyone has something they are afraid of; whether it be heights, insects or needles. But one of the most common phobias that many still see as taboo to even discuss is sex. Statistics show that 40% of men with even the toughest exteriors, deepest and darkest fears reside in the bedroom. But what are they? I talked with the founder of, Dr. Mirza and found out what men are afraid of in the bedroom.

2. Birth Control Failure

The number one way to avoid a pregnancy scare is to practice safe sex. Using condoms with heavier and thicker material also decreases the risk of the condom breaking.


Bondage, blindfolds, handcuffs, chains and whips… Do we really need to explain why men are afraid of this one?

4. Premature Climax

No one wants a good time to come to an end, especially not in the bedroom. Premature ejaculation is a problem that haunts a lot of men but Dr. Mirza suggests increasing exercise in the groin, arm, quad, calves and abdominal muscles.

5. Lack of Performance

Nothing is more embarrassing for a man than not being able to “get it up” in the bedroom. Dr. Mirza states that erectile dysfunction can be linked to psychological fear. “I’ve seen a lot of cases were men mentally scare themselves before sexual encounters, just as how they would with any other nerve wrenching experience,” said Dr. Mirza. “Take deep breathes, tell yourself ‘I can do it’ and dive in with confidence.”

6. Toys

We all like to try new things to spice it up every once in awhile, but before you bring out the Mr. Rabbit and the Screaming O rings, make sure that you get your partners consent.

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