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1. Spoken Word Vows

Uhm, guys…guys…while it’s very beautiful and poetically amazing, we’re all cringing in our seats at the level of corn. But love is corny sometimes, so…we kinda love it, but don’t do it at your wedding.

2. A Way-Too Intimate Kiss

Two virgins (who had also never kissed each other) kissing for the first time on their wedding day. Just a bit awkward.

You may not kiss the bride, but please, don’t slobber her down in front of God and everyone! Your grandmother is here for Christ’s sake!

3. Expensive Gift Registries

Expensive Gift Registries

9 times our of 10, we’re already stretching ourselves to the financial limit so that we can make sure we’re AT the wedding. However, when the dress, the shoes, the pampering, the travel and the parties all add up, we’re left with pennies in our pockets, hating you. And you’re not getting a gift.

4. The Sit Down Two-Options Dinner

The Sit Down Two-Options Dinner

One of the most important aspects of a wedding (for the guests) is food. Sit down dinners with the options of chicken or fish is annoying. Please more guests by offering up a buffet.

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