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Danity Kane has broken up again, but DK fans probably should have seen this coming if they remember the group’s history.

1. This The Beginning

It all started with Aubrey and Aundrea on “Making The Band 3,” a franchise started on ABC by Backstreet Boys and NSync mastermind Lou Pearlman.

2. Introducing Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey was undeniably the star of the show at this point because Diddy made it no secret that she was his favorite. He gave the other girls a really hard time, but Aubrey could almost do no wrong.

3. Diddy Selects…Some Girls

At the end of “Making The Band 3” season 1, Diddy picked three girls: Aubrey, Aundrea, and Malika. He thought there was still something missing, so he announced that his search for the final group would continue.

4. ‘Making The Band 3’ season 2

Diddy wasn’t willing to let anyone rest on their laurels (not even Aubrey). When he extended the search for his girl group, everyone had to compete for a spot in the final lineup. If that meant cutting some originals, so be it!

5. The New Girls

On season 2 of “Making The Band 3”, Dawn, D.Woods and Shannon Bex entered the picture. Before this Dawn and D.Woods were unknowns, but viewers may have recognized Shannon from the short-lived reality show “Fame.”

6. Shannon’s Back

Shannon competed for the prize on “Fame” and lost, but she was always the contestant that made sure to grab some screen time–even during other people’s interviews! It must have worked because she captured Johnny Wright’s attention the show, and he really lobbied for her when she popped up in Diddy’s talent search.

7. Uh oh, Aubrey

With such promising talent on “Making The Band 3” (Dawn in particular), Aubrey may have been feeling a little jealous and neglected. Although, Diddy still favored her, he wasn’t being as easy on her anymore. He really wanted her to work for her spot!

8. Meet Danity Kane

With the final five selected on the “Making The Band 3” season 2 finale, the girls came back for season 3 and named themselves after Dawn’s comic book character, Danity Kane.

9. Showstoppers

With the group secured, “Making The Band 3” was all about grooming them as an act and getting them in front of the public. This meant tailoring their personal styles to give the group a more cohesive look. It also meant getting them in the studio to get their sound together and having Laurieann Gibson drill their moves!

10. “Making The Video”

MTV viewers knew the ladies had finally arrived when they got their very own episode of “Making The Video,” which took fans inside production for their debut visual, “Showstoppers.”

11. “Welcome To The Dollhouse”

Their debut album was a solid effort, but Danity Kane really hit it big with their sophomore album, “Welcome To The Dollhouse.” Their look and their sound was a lot more polished, and the album’s breakout hit “Damaged” was on heavy rotation everywhere.

12. Missing In Action

Aundrea was starting to feel the toll that fame had taken on her life, and she’d missed some shows and appearances. So had Aubrey and D.Woods, who did a solo cover of King magazine apart from the group’s feature.

13. Hey, Dawn

Diddy began to notice what a vocal talent he really had in Dawn, so he started tapping her for special projects (like recording vocals for a demo) and appearances apart from the group, and that really got under Aubrey’s skin.

14. Diddy vs. Aubrey

Aubrey definitely wasn’t going to let anyone put her in the corner, and Diddy didn’t appreciate the push-back. In his eyes, Aubrey started acting like a diva by showing up late (if at all) and demanding special treatment. This led to a huge fight in front of everyone–including millions of MTV viewers.

15. The End of Danity Kane

Down to the remainin two, Diddy couldn’t see continuing Danity Kane with Aundrea, so he released her from her contract. He retained Dawn in the hopes that they could go on to reform a new girl group around her, but he wound up bringing her on for his short-lived group, Dirty Money Crew.

16. Are They Or Aren’t They?

Aubrey, Dawn, Aundrea and Shannon got people talking when they were spotted going out to lunch together one afternoon. They played coy about whether this was just a meal between old friends, or if they were getting DK back together. There’s some confusion about whether D.Woods declined the invite to rejoin the group or whether she’d even actually been invited. The end result was that she wasn’t part of the reunion.

17. They’re Back!

In August 2013, the group hit the red carpet at the VMAs with an edgy new image for their first official appearance since getting back together. They announced that they would be releasing a single called “Rage,” but the track never got an official release. They did perform it on tour, though!

18. Bye, Aundrea!

About halfway though the No Filter Tour, Aundrea tearfully announced that she was dropping out to get married and start a family. Fans were sad to see her go, but she was getting out just in time before things got nasty!

19. Danity Kane’s Studio Brawl!

DK fans the world over were shocked to learn that a fight had broken out between Dawn and Aubrey during a studio session last week. There was word that Shannon tried to break up the fight, but Aubrey still filed a report against Dawn for punching her in the head.

20. Aubrey Speaks Out

Aubrey confirmed that there was a fight on DK’s Facebook page. “A business conversation took a turn for the worst when my group member punched me in the back of my head,” she wrote. “This violence is followed by no sign of remorse. For the past year, I watched small lies turn into bigger lies. Those bigger lies turned into verbal abuse. Now the verbal abuse has deteriorated into a physical assault.”

21. Dawn Does Not Play

Dawn had her say over the weekend, when she released an open letter of her own, apologizing to fans and hinting that Aubrey may have been talking crazy to her.
“I am sorry to everyone that this news has to come out,” she wrote. “Certain choices were made that I am not proud of. However, I will not be disrespected. Once again, I am sorry to the fans as this should have been handled privately not publicly.”

22. The End Of Danity Kane (The Remix)

Weeks before the group split up, Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon shared a few lessons that they’ve learned from their rollercoaster with Danity Kane. Hopefully they’ll hold onto these as they move forward in their careers.

23. What Happened? MTV Knows!

Check out MTV’s breakdown of what happened before the group broke up the first time!

24. The First Fall Of Danity Kane!

Here’s the rest of MTV’s take on Danity Kane’s downfall. Who’s to blame? Pretty much everyone but Shannon.

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