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From pamper yourself products to delectable delights and stand out style. We thought about it so you don’t have to: the perfect gift for the mom you love!

1. For The Mom That Loves To Cook

An African American Cookbook Source:Amazon

A great African-American cookbook for the mom that wants Afro-centric recipes ranging from the traditional to the modern day.

2. For The Mom With A Sweet Tooth

Mother and daughter eating cookies and milk together Source:Getty

Wally Amos is “The Caretaker of the Taste.” This guy makes infamous cookies with all natural ingredients. You don’t have to be in Hawaii to access these delicious delectables: they ship to all 50 states!

3. For Mom That Is Into Her Hair

An African American Cookbook Source:Koils By Nature

Koils by Nature created a $75 Mother’s Day box that is jam packed with fantastic hair products. From shampoo and conditioner, to hair and body butter, to a candle, a wide tooth comb, a mother’s day card, and more (yes, really!)…they make sure that the mom that loves her coif is perfectly prepared for her day.

4. For The Mom That Loves Jewelry

An African American Cookbook Source:Peace Images Jewelry

If your mom loves jewelry, give her this beautiful statement ring inspired by the country of Africa. Go ahead and buy one for yourself, too (because you are going to want to borrow this piece!).

5. For The Mom That Loves Art

An African American Cookbook Source:Andre Woolery Art

Andre Woolery Art makes great art pieces showcasing some of our best celebrities and influencers (past and present) of color. This Badu piece is perfect for the mom that wants a statement piece. Check out the site for art on everything from tote bags to a clock to an iPhone case. Options for mom!
"The Gaze" Print

6. For The Mom That Is Concerned About Aging

An African American Cookbook Source:Beija Flor

Like fine wine, some things get better with age. Pack mom with necessary ingredients to help that black not crack! This Amazon Antioxidant Treatment decreases cell destruction which in turn combats the aging process.

7. For The Mom That Loves Aromatherapy

An African American Cookbook Source:Etsy

Armanis Aromas make soy candles that are also body safe and can be used as a sensual massage oil. Goddess Love is a passionate and sultry scent combining vanilla, sandalwood, musk and amber. Help mom feel rejuvenated and sexy with this candle!

8. For The Conscious Mom

An African American Cookbook Source:Etsy

Bring a little Angela Davis into her home! This pillow is a perfect portrait of Anglea Davis and will go well on the couch where all of your conscious conversations will occur.

9. For The Mom That Loves To Travel

Mixed race businesswoman walking in airport Source:Getty

Cafe Press makes a lovely and identifiable luggage tag that will help your mom save time in the airport and make her bag oh-so-identifiable!

10. For The Mom That Needs To Pamper Herself

African American woman lying at spa with eyes closed. Source:Getty

Mom takes care of everyone else, make sure she takes care of herself too. Get her a much-needed spa day or treatment. Use the below link to find a black owned and operated spa near you!

11. For The Mom That Loves Music

Mixed race woman listening to headphones on sofa Source:Getty

Introduce your mom to some music! I recommend internationally known jazz musician Kris Bowers. His sound mixes jazz and modern day vibes and influences for a dynamic sound that satisfies multiple musical palates.

12. For The Stylish Mom

An African American Cookbook Source:Undra Celeste

Give mom a look that can go from an after work event to an evening with friends. We love Undra Celeste NY’s drop shoulder crop top with bell-sleeves and pleated a-line knee length skirt. Talk about chic! Get this entire look for mom for under $200.00 (minus the clutch).

13. For The Mom That Is Easily Stressed

An African American Cookbook Source:Etsy

Mom gets stressed a little too easy? Give her this gentle reminder to relax via It’s Your Season.

14. For The Corporate Mom

An African American Cookbook Source:Black Bird Dillinger

This ‘Busy Body’ Business Card Wristlet will hold your mom’s id and more. No more fishing through her purse to get into her work building. Stylish AND on time?! Yes, please!

15. For The Organic Mom

An African American Cookbook Source:Amazon

Vegan food that is afro-centric?! Our tastebuds are already dancing! Mom will appreciate these nutritious recipes that will keep her body healthy.

16. For The Mom That Loves To Write

An African American Cookbook Source:Etsy

Inspire her with this beautiful journal that encourages her to dream big.

17. For The Mom That Loves Her Furbaby

Baths are fun Source:Getty

Is your mom a big dog lover?! Give her a gift for her adorable pet! This houndstooth dog cape will have everyone complimenting her furbaby.

18. For The Healthy Mom

home fitness workout Source:Getty

For the mom that loves to workout…make sure she gets her 8 glasses of water daily with this infusion water bottle.

19. For The Mom That Loves Her Skin

An African American Cookbook Source:La Belle Femme Products

Give her a product that will quench her skin’s thirst and leave her smelling wonderful. La Belle Femme Products created Romantic Gardenia, a fragrant body butter that will let you take that garden smell with you all day long!

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