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From pamper yourself products to delectable delights and stand out style. We thought about it so you don’t have to: the perfect gift for the mom you love!

1. For The Mom With A Sweet Tooth

Mother and daughter eating cookies and milk together Source:Getty

Wally Amos is “The Caretaker of the Taste.” This guy makes infamous cookies with all natural ingredients. You don’t have to be in Hawaii to access these delicious delectables: they ship to all 50 states!

2. For The Mom That Loves To Travel

Mixed race businesswoman walking in airport Source:Getty

Cafe Press makes a lovely and identifiable luggage tag that will help your mom save time in the airport and make her bag oh-so-identifiable!

3. For The Mom That Needs To Pamper Herself

African American woman lying at spa with eyes closed. Source:Getty

Mom takes care of everyone else, make sure she takes care of herself too. Get her a much-needed spa day or treatment. Use the below link to find a black owned and operated spa near you!

4. For The Mom That Loves Music

Mixed race woman listening to headphones on sofa Source:Getty

Introduce your mom to some music! I recommend internationally known jazz musician Kris Bowers. His sound mixes jazz and modern day vibes and influences for a dynamic sound that satisfies multiple musical palates.

5. For The Mom That Loves Her Furbaby

Baths are fun Source:Getty

Is your mom a big dog lover?! Give her a gift for her adorable pet! This houndstooth dog cape will have everyone complimenting her furbaby.

6. For The Healthy Mom

home fitness workout Source:Getty

For the mom that loves to workout…make sure she gets her 8 glasses of water daily with this infusion water bottle.