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Fashion and flexing have always been a huge part of Black culture. The HBCU community is no exception to this cultural staple. 

Everyone is trying to get their fits off and there is a ton of pride in looking the best on and around campus. So we decided to give these students and alumni their props for showing up and showing out. 

Courtesy of HBCU Drip, Every week we are going to be highlighting five individuals with the hardest drip on campus. Those people will serve as a “representative” for their institution and that will dictate the school’s place in the HBCU Fashion rankings. 

1. Norfolk State

I think this fit from @_matt_stanley is in my opinion the cleanest out of the five looks. This is the reason why the Norfolk State Spartans are claiming the top spot this week. The look is simple yet it still pops because of the color scheme portrayed in the hat and the shoes. However, the plaid-style jacket is what puts this look over the top.

2. Southern

The creativity and ingenuity in this look from @maddiemadds caught my eye immediately and it’s the reason why Southern has a top-two spot in this week’s rankings. Sometimes it’s hard to explain when something just works but the camouflage jacket, graphic tee, and boots combo just give a stylish and edgy vibe that deserves to be applauded.


This look from @speakinggofbry was well executed. Not only did she have the Kobe Bryant-inspired sweater but she subtly supported it with the blue handbag and brown pants. Winston Salem State can claim their third overall spot thanks to this really solid look.


This Joker-inspired look has Florida A&M claiming the fourth spot in this week’s rankings. I appreciate the commitment to the green and purple color scheme from @mj_hoopin. The Rattlers get credit for stepping outside of the box on this one.


North Carolina A&T claims the fifth spot in this week’s HBCU Drip rankings. As the temperature starts to change we all need to find a comfortable sweatsuit look that is still going to be fly. That’s exactly what @laaurentheqt is giving us in this look. The Miami Dolphin-esque color combination here was really a good look

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