1. Thanksgiving Television Specials

Thanksgiving Television Specials

While we’re getting ready to give thanks for a great year, grub with our families and prep ourselves to dodge all questions from our inquisitive grandparents about our dating lives, let’s revisit some of our favorite sitcoms and the Thanksgiving episodes that got us all in the mood for some turkey!

2. The Bernie Mac Show

Uncle Bernie was in for a weird Thanksgiving this year. While his nephew, Jordan, was busy annoying his sisters, Bernie was cooking dinner for the family. Little did he know that Jordan accidentally changed the temperature on the grill while the turkey was cooking leaving a ton of bacteria! After dinner, Bernie didn’t feel so well and discovered that the turkey wasn’t fully cooked all thanks to Jordan! SMH

3. Kenan & Kel

Thanksgiving with “Kenan & Kel” is taking it way back to all of our childhoods! On this episode, Kel was invited to Kenan’s house for dinner while Kenan’s parents are out visiting a family member. In typical Kel behavior, he accidentally ate the whole turkey by himself leaving the boys to try and desperately replace it before Kenan’s parents came back home. In my best Kel voice, “Aw, here it goes!”

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