1. She’s Grown Up So Much, Right Before Our Eyes!

Back in November 2004 when our President was just a Senate hopeful, Sasha (and sister Malia) was introduced to the world at just 3. But she’s come a long way from letting her mom pick out her pink outfits and hair bows! On her 13th birthday (June 10) we flash back to her style over the years.

2. January 2005, 109th U.S. Congress Sworn In

Aww! She was just a little one when dad was sworn into Congress but she was still styling on the family in a floral frock that matched mom and sister’s outfits.

3. August 2008, Democratic National Convention

Sasha gave the world one of the best moments on the first night of the 2008 DNC when her dad was just a nominee. “Hi Daddy!” she screamed on the mic, as Barack appeared on screen from Kansas. She adorably continued to interrupt her dad as he addressed the crowd screaming “Thank you!” when he remarked how pretty Michelle looked and “Daddy what city are you in!?” as he was talking.

4. November 2008, Election Night

Sasha wore an LBD for Election night 2008 at Chicago’s Grant Park when Obama defeated Senator McCain.

5. December 2009, Inauguration

Work! Sasha commanded the spotlight (before being snapped in pictures yawning during the ceremony – lol) and Michelle let’s her have a moment!

6. August 2010; FLOTUS Meets Spanish Royals

Que Linda! Sasha rocked a two toned dress, a flower and perls to meet the Spanish royals with mom.

7. August 2010; Gulf Coast Vacation

A 9-year-old Sasha was ready to jet set with dad for vacation in this splashy frock.

8. April 2011; Annual White House Easter Egg Roll

Sasha may have been bored while her parents read books to children during the 2011 Easter celebration at the white house, but her casual threads brought life to the party. The then-pre teen was on trend for her age in a blue tank, flag-print shorts an arm full of bracelets and LAID hair.

9. November 2011; Thanksgiving

10. January 2012; Back to the White House

The family returned to freezing temperatures in DC from POTUS’ hometown of Hawaii, but Sasha brought along a bit of sunshine in this vibrant pea coat she matched with laid back Chucks.

11. January 2013; White House Walks

12. June 2013; Off To Senegal

13. November 2013; Thanksgiving

14. October 2013; Off To Church

15. November 2013; Game Time

Sasha made a splash on the internet when she popped up at a game with the family in this ASOS unicorn sweatshirt that ultimately sold out at the store after she was spotted in it.

16. December 2013; TNT Christmas In Washington

17. March 2014; China Trip

18. March 2014; China Trip

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