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The prominence of social media has become the leading dictator of beauty standards. One of those standards is the “snapback body,” which promotes unattainable body standards among the everyday woman. Porsha Williams recently gave birth to a baby girl Pilar Jr. and despite, the pressure to snap back, says she’s taking her time losing the baby weight she put on during pregnancy.

“I’m big on enjoying every step of this experience and I didn’t want to cloud it with worrying about my size. I have thoroughly been enjoying motherhood and making Pj priority number one!” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram update.

Porsha admitted she recently starting paying closer attention to her health by drinking water and eating healthier and noticed a difference in her body. And encourages other women to love their bodies.

“To all the new mommies out there love your new body no matter what stage you are in because you are a warrior and have accomplished a true miracle by creating new life !!”

Porsha may not think she’s snapped back, but she looks amazing to us! Check out more of her postpartum.


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