1. The Jackson 5 Performs “I Want You Back” on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1969

In 1969, a young Michael Jackson led his older brothers known as The Jackson 5 in their first television performance of their debut single, “I Want You Back” on The Ed Sullivan Show. Michael’s sweet persona and unique vocals helped the group earn national exposure and jump started “Jackson Mania”. The Jackson 5’s appearance on the Sullivan stage goes down as an iconic night in musical history.

2. Michael Jackson Performs at the 1993 Presidential Inaugural Celebration

In 1993 when former President Bill Clinton took office, Michael Jackson performed in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. in celebration of Clinton’s Presidential Inauguration. The King of Pop performed “We Are The World” only two weeks before his iconic 1993 Super Bowl halftime performance.

3. Michael Jackson Performs “Smooth Criminal” During The 1996 HIStory World Tour

Michael Jackson’s third and final solo world tour was the The HIStory World Tour that took place all over the world in 1996. MJ’s performance of “Smooth Criminal” in Munich is one of the most watched videos on YouTube and one of his best performances. Showing off his signature lean dance move, Michael Jackson proved once again why he was the greatest.

4. Michael Jackson Performs With Britney Spears

In 2001, the King of Pop united with the Pop Princess of the 2000s, Britney Spears, for an incredible performance of “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

5. Michael Jackson Sings to His Mother

Although this isn’t exactly a “performance”, it’s a heart felt clip of a 25 year old Michael Jackson singing to his mother, Katherine, at her birthday party in 1984. In the video, Michael serenades his mom with one of her favorite songs, “For The Good Times”.

6. Michael Jackson Performs At The UNICEF Charity CONCERT 1980.

In 1980, the King of Pop took the stage at the Unicef Charity Concert and performed “Rock With You.”

7. Michael Jackson & James Brown In 1983

It’s no secret that Michael Jackson was heavily influenced by James Brown. In fact, much of Michael’s dancing and performing style is owed to that of James Brown. In this rare clip taken from James Brown’s 1983 show in Los Angeles, MJ is called on stage by Brown and the rest is history.

8. Michael Jackson Performs at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards

Michael Jackson opened the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards with a 15-minute performance of his greatest hits including “Beat It,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Black or White” and more. MJ was joined by Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash, during his iconic performance and walked away with two awards by the end of the night.

9. Michael Jackson Introduces The Moon Walk At The 25th Anniversary of Motown Show

Every generation – young or old – knows Michael Jackson for this performance right here. When MJ introduced the world to his signature moon walk at the Motown 25th Anniversary show, the world went crazy! This performance solidified Michael Jackson’s title as the King of Pop forever.

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