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It’s Hottieween! But first, the back story. Let’s talk about how Megan Thee Stallion has marketed the heck out of the “hot girl” concept! #HotGirlSummer caused quite the stir on social media with men, women and everyone in between arguing about who the concept was for. Megan put that to bed by making it gender neutral and stating that it was about people living their best lives but there were still men trying to compete, with phrases like “City Boys” and “Hot Boy Summer,” and generally just attacking the women who were enjoying the concept.

But that didn’t matter because people who identify as hotties kept falling in line. We’re currently in the midst of #HotGirlFall but today is a special day! Like I said, it’s Hottieween! To celebrate Halloween, Megan Thee Stallion created a mini-series entitled, “Halloween.”

The series stars Megan Thee Stallion, who created the concept, Dave East, social media star Jay Cole (who was also in the “Hot Girl Summer” video), and it was directed by Teyana Taylor. Lots of girl power all around! Anyway, episode one introduces us to Meg as a PI in Stallion County. There has been a series of vicious murders committed by Fuccboi vampires, who are going around slaughtering women. Megan gets on the job, when the police fall short, but then she meets the mysterious Archemedes (Dave East,  who she can’t seem to resist. I mean, Dave East is fine no matter what, so that’s understandable. However, in this case, Archemedes is a vampire. She falls under Archemedes’ seduction spell and after a hazy night of passion, she wakes up to find out that she has become a vampire. She uses her newfound powers to fight the Fuccboi vampire epidemic and keep the hot girls safe.

Visually, Megan is serving up horror Blaxploitation-style realness. The cinematography and the styling is like a modern day take on Cleopatra Jones, Sugar Hill, or Foxy Brown and it’s so very life giving! Seriously, Megan is definitely proving that she is not just a rapper, but a creative visionary in the making. So far, there are two episodes available to the public, with more on the way.

Watch and enjoy!


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