Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade

Source: Kyle Rivas / Getty

Look y’all, I really don’t even watch football like that anymore—#IStillStandWithKap—but I can’t deny that I’ve definitely watched a few games, including the Super Bowl, to catch a glimpse of the fine specimen that is Travis Kelce.


That, and he’s a pretty good player. The 30-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end shined at Sunday night’s game catching six passes for 43 yards and scoring a must-needed touchdown with just six minutes left in the fourth quarter to help his team win their first championship ring in 50 years.

As if you needed another reason to salivate over him, but the coat he rocked to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade and rally on Wednesday got us at HelloBeautiful in our feelings. See that $18,600 Louis Vuitton monogram shearling coat he wore looked so warm and welcoming that it made us want to be wrapped all up in it..with him of course. (Sorry, Kayla Nicole, a girl can dream.)

Oh, and is speech? Epic

“Can you dig it?” Kelce asked the crowd at the victory rally. “I just want to say that I love you all. I love this team. I’m wearing about half the beers I’ve been trying to drink, baby. It’s been a longtime coming because what did we do? We had to fight for our right to party,” he said to the Kansas City crowd of hundreds of thousands of fans.

As we have written before, Black women LOVE this man and with good reason. His good looks, killer smile and loves his girlfriend, who’s also a sista’.

But it’s that swag and style that got us body rolling every time we see him. So to celebrate the white chocolate hotness of this man, let’s take a walk down his fashion memory lane to peep his best and most fashionable looks.

You can thank us later.

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