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Avid HelloBeautiful readers know that we play absolutely no games when it comes to shining a light on Black-owned businesses. Over the years, Black creatives have supplied the masses with various products that have answered the need for products made exclusively for us, by us. So, with August marking the celebration of National Black Business Month, it’s only right we shine a light on lifestyle brands worth adding to your shopping list.

It’s no secret that some of our white counterparts continue to steal our ideas. However, imitation continues to be the sincerest form of flattery. And with notable lifestyle bosses from Forvr Mood’s Jackie Aina to The Honey Pot’s Beatrice Dixon, we continue to remind the world of the weight our influence holds.

That said, there are multiple lifestyle brands worth shopping for National Black Business Month. Whether sustainable living is a top priority or keeping your spirit lifted with positive affirmations is your style, we’ve got you covered.

So, you know what time it is! Take a moment to grab your credit card, secure a Wi-Fi connection, and browse through eight of our favorite lifestyle brands to shop. After all, we’re truly all we got, and our coins go a long way in keeping these brands in business.

Happy shopping!

1. My-Secret Scent

My-Secret Scents Source:My-Secret Scent

My Secret Scent is a brand that has been one of our favorite for quite some time. Aside from the brand’s cult-favorite body butters, this Black woman-owned business offers a range of skincare, body care, and candle essentials that you can count on to transform your space and upgrade your beauty routine.

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2. Introvert N the City’s Mindful Moon Deck

Mindful Moon Deck Source:Introvert N the City

Like it or not, part of maintaining proper mental health is making sure to feed our minds positive thoughts and ideas. Thanks to Marsha Badger’s Introvert N the City’s Mindful Moon Deck, you can feed your mind with 50 positive affirmations to set the tone for a positive and glorious day. Self-love is a prerequisite for fulfilling our destiny’s and this deck falls right in line.

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3. Forvr Mood

Forvr Mood Leaf Me Be Candle Source:FORVR MOOD

Coconut soy wax candle me, please! When it comes to stocking up on candles with gorgeous packaging that can elevate your space with irresistible scents, Forvr Mood is in a league of its own. Known as the brainchild of Jackie Aina, the entrepreneur pours love into each and every one of these creations that can be felt once you light a candle. Aside from the candles, Jackie also offers tons of products, including room sprays, silk pillowcases and headbands, and more that exude luxury. What are you waiting for?

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4. Chic Geeks

Chic Geeks iPhone Cases Source:Chic Geeks

Every Apple product owner knows just how expensive those gadgets are. That said, keeping your devices in mint condition is key to saving you extra coins and allowing your investment to stand the test of time. Enter: Chic Geeks. Created by Candice Adams, this luxury tech accessory brand offers a wide array of cases made of solid colors, faux animal skins, glitzy options, and more.

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5. Yowie

Cork Planter Source:Yowie

 Who loves all things quirky? Well, we definitely do, and Yowie is the one-stop-shop that offers items that can transform your home into your personal masterpiece. Case in point: the Cork Planter. This intriguing find is made out of waterproof resin that works in your favor to provide an excellent home for your plant babies. The shop also offers other cool items such as mugs, drinking glasses, notebooks, and more.

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6. Highbrow Hippies

Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe Source:Highbrow Hippie

Next up, we have Highbrow Hippie. This L.A. hotspot provides shoppers with a melting pot of products that range from luxurious beauty finds to conscious living items. One of our favorites is Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe, which highlights healthy foods and ingredients that nourish your body and skin from the inside out. It’s not about living to eat, it’s about eating to live!

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7. The Cool Kids Collective Affirmation Cards

The Cool Kids Collective Affirmation Cards Source:The Cool Kids Collective

Unfortunately, it’s easy for children to adopt negative thinking practices due to the state of society and social media today. And like adults, children also need to learn the importance of welcoming positive affirmations into their lives. After all, we must raise children that become healthy adults. This is where The Cool Kids Collective Affirmation Cards come into play. This deck was created by a kid who wants to inspire other kids to gain inspiration, confidence, and motivation for their daily lives.

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8. The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot Source:The Honey Pot

Last but certainly not least, we have The Honey Pot. Ladies, keeping your feminine health in check is of the utmost importance. While there are a few questionable products on the market, The Honey Pot has become a go-to for the girls. You’ll never have to think twice about keeping your hoohah in order from washes, wipes, pads, and more.

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