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8 Black LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs You Should Know

Source: Courtesy of The Beanie Bar / Courtesy of The Beanie Bar

The LGBTQ+ entrepreneurial community is all about living colorfully and making a coin or two. Their individuality and keen creative sense make this group of humans savvy business owners who provide elite services that we can’t get enough of. From the entertainment industry to the retail sector, our LGBTQ+ peers have had a significant impact on entrepreneurship, and without their enterprising endeavors, the economy would lack flavor.

In a world that seems only to value what is homogenous, it is brave to live a nonlinear life and forge your own path through entrepreneurship. The powers that be in America make it challenging for minorities to get ahead in life, and when you are queer and a minority, the challenges increase. According to, LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs receive less than 1% of investor money. They face discrimination when it comes to receiving assistance with their start-ups simply because of their chosen sexuality. This disadvantage causes many LGBTQ+ members to hide their identities when it comes to seeking funding for their businesses. Despite the opposition, many Black LGBTQ+ warriors have made the choice to follow their hearts as business owners, and for that, they should be celebrated.

Black LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

Some of our favorite celebrity entrepreneurs are proud constituents of the LGBTQ+ clique. Law Roach, Jason Bolden, Lena Waithe, Janelle Monae, and more are creatively making their mark on this world while living according to their needs and desires.

Therefore, in honor of Pride Month, we wanted to introduce you to various LGBTQ+ business owners who are defying the odds while facing adversity and living their best entrepreneurial lives. Jump in below to discover the eight LGBTQ+ business owners we salute during this year’s Pride celebration.

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From Stonewall to Global Celebration: The Evolution Of LGBTQ+ Pride

10 Out And Proud LGBTQ+ Celebrities

1. The Beanie Bar

Founded by Finding Benson, The Beanie Bar is not just a retail boutique but a hub of unique fashion statements. Their collection of beanie hats, a staple in the fashion industry, is designed to add a touch of jazz to any outfit. The latest addition, the Pride-inspired bucket hat, not only represents the LGBTQ+ culture but also overflows with swag, making it a must-have for fashion enthusiasts. 

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2. Mindful Moon Affirmation Deck

Marsha B., a firm believer in the transformative power of mental health, has created more than just affirmation cards. The Mindful Moon Deck is a daily source of inspiration, designed to ignite the potential within individuals. With a diverse range of messages, the deck is a constant reminder of one’s greatness and a source of encouragement, making it a powerful tool for personal growth. Marsha’s spiritual shop also offers a Love Notes Deck, Moon Child Deck, crystals, sage, and more.

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Blak The brand, founded by De’jah Monai, is more than just art. It’s a movement towards inclusivity, compassion, healing, and fun. De’jah’s creations, such as bags, earrings, and paintings, are not just about aesthetics. They represent love and liberty, making a powerful statement about the world we want to live in. 

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4. Canvas Culture LLC

Shanell Goring of Canvas Culture is all about community. Her art events produce fun times for people of all ages. Canvas Culture curates unique sessions of painting and sipping that bring individuals together for communion, relaxation, and creativity. 

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5. Black Girl Everything LLC

Black women need safe havens. Dr. Gloria Pope understood this need and created a space for Black Indigenous Women of Color (BIWOC) to thrive in their entrepreneurship journeys. Black Girl Everything, LLC offers seminars and events that cater to the BIWOC community and encourage us to reach for the stars. 

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6. NYC Celebrity Makeup Artist Carol

The LGBTQ+ community has the creative sector on lock. From fashion to makeup, we can learn something from their artistry. NYC Celebrity Makeup Professional Carol is all about using her sharp makeup skills to promote beauty. The entrepreneur also offers high-quality makeup products through her beauty line, Glow By Carol

7. Tarrion J. – Public Relations Guru

Are you looking for a media-savvy professional who can get your business or personal brand the exposure it deserves, plus more? Tarrion J. is your guy! The Houston native is known for creating pop social media campaigns for his clients and landing them features in prominent publications. He’s worked with popular New Orleans restaurateurs, chefs, singers, and more. 

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8. Les’Blooms Of Brooklyn

Flowers add joy to life, and Les’Blooms Of Brooklyn gets this. The owner, Rasheedah Leslie, founded this boutique to “share her lifelong love for flowers with her community.” This urban floral shop produces some of the most beautiful and unique arrangements to brighten any space. Have you ever heard of Amaranthus flowers? We haven’t either, but Les’Blooms Of Brooklyn offers them, and they are breathtaking. 

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