1. Beefy!


Kanye West is on his way to becoming a fashion icon. From his eye catching hair cuts to his daring kilts, Yeezy is known for his illustrious swag. While his style changes often, one thing that remains the same: he loves to show “taco meat” (chest hair). In fact, Mr. West’s taco meat has made appearances at Fashion Week, concerts and recently, cover of GQ’s August issue! Let’s revisit Yeezy’s best chest hair moments.

2. When Kourtney Kardashian Tried To Look Away

‘Ye loves to give his clavicle breathing room and showcased his signature chest hair at Dom Perignon Luminous Rose at Wall at W Hotel in December, 2012.

3. When Kim K Couldn’t Stop Staring

‘Ye blessed his taco meat with gold Rosary beads outside The Dorchester Hotel on November 9, 2012 in London, England.

4. When His Taco Meat Was The Only Thing Showing

‘Ye’s taco meat has a mind of it’s own.

5. When His Taco Meat Performed At Coachella

When Kanye took the stage at the Coachella Music Festival in 2011 the fans knew they were in for a treat. Not only were they about to catch Yeezy do his thing musically, they were about to witness one of Ye’s biggest fashion moments of all time. This time, Kanye didn’t just give us a sneak peak of his pecks but rather let everything hang out, exposing all of his taco meat for the world to see! We see you, Yeezy!

6. When Pusha T Cracked Jokes On It

It was Pusha T’s album listening party in NYC, so all ‘Ye could do was smile.

7. When Designer Renzo Rosso’s Taco Meat Tried To Come For ‘Ye’s Taco Meat

Imma let you finish, but ‘Ye has the best taco meat of all time!

8. When ‘Ye Though He Had Cleavage Like Kim K

Hey, where’s my mesh insert?

9. When He Wore Jewelery He Made At Home

‘Ye doesn’t only make clothes, he designs lanyard necklaces too.

10. Kanye West at 2013 NY Fashion Week

Diesel Black Gold - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

A more recent taco meat moment, this picture was taken during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2013. Here, Kanye is giving off his usual “confused/happy/sad/excited” facial expression while managing to serve the world the most manly looking chest hair we’ve ever seen.

11. When He Looked Like The Big Eye, Little Eye Emoji

‘Ye may hate the major labels, but when he shows up to their Fashion Week shows, he wears his taco meat out as a rebellious statement.

12. When He Wore Multiple Gold Chains To Enhance His Chesticles

The beedabees deserve their moment in the spotlight!

13. When Someone Must’ve Suggested He Wax/Shave/Nair That Patch

“You don’t have the answers!” *death stare*

14. When He Smiled That One Time

Kanye and his taco meat have been through good times, and bad times, but it’s always there.

15. When ‘Ye’s Taco Chesticle’s Outshined Kim K’s

There’s no better Kanye than the chest baring one. Here’s Mr. Kim Kardashian letting it all hang out all during Paris Fashion Week last year.

16. When ‘Ye Couldn’t See His Own Taco Meat Because His Glasses Were Too Dark

‘Ye let his taco meat out for a good cause. He and LeBron posed backstage prior to James’ announcement of his future NBA plans at the Boys & Girls Club of America on July 8, 2010 in Greenwich, Connecticut.

17. When Kanye Was Thinking About Kim K With He Was With Amber Rose

Ye and Amber may have been on the same page in the hairstyle book, but we all know how this one went down…

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