“Love & Hip Hop” certainly didn’t disappoint last night! Yes. We all love Stevie J. and Joseline but Joe Budden is bringing such a different dynamic this time around that you can’t ignore. Last night’s episode dealt with more than just love, mistresses and anger, but about substance abuse and put on display the definition of “down chick.” Keep reading for more of the recap…

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1. Joe Budden Spazzes On Raqi

Joe Budden Spazzes On Raqi

After last week’s altercation between Raqi and Tahiry, Raqi felt she needed to confront Joe “Joey” Budden about the way he handled her and the situation. Bad idea. After confessing how Tahiry would have beat her into an extended hospital stay, Joey’s temper rose a thousand notches and he transformed into something, for lack of better words, scary! Raqi got the hint and walked away, fast. I hope we don’t have to see that side of Joe again.

2. Joe Budden Comes To Terms With Relapsing

Joe Budden Comes To Terms With Relapsing

We found out why Joe Budden was so infuriated with Raqi Thunda. He was high! After years of being sober, Joey relapsed. He hadn’t come to terms with it until last night’s episode when he confided in his mother who told him “it’s life or death.” If Joey lost points with you after he spazzed on Raqi, his intense crying scene will add some bonus credits to your book.

3. Erica Mena Is A G

Erica Mena Is A G

Now I was not a fan of Erica Mena her last season on “L&HH” but this time around she’s one of my favorite personalities! She’s so hood but so gorgeous you can’t help appreciate her realness even more. She won’t let Rich Dollaz control her life or career! After a night in the club (and a few drinks) Erica and her now-former colleague/ rapper Lore’l aren’t friends anymore! Especially after Erica threatened to kick her int he neck like she did her baby’s father. Totally loving Miss Mena!

4. Winter Slept With Them All

Winter Slept With Them All

Fabolous’ alleged [former] assistant Winter was pretty straight forward last night. She admitted to be being VERY gratuitous in the industry with her vagina. She claims to have worked with Puff Daddy, Biggie Smalls and more but, we need to see some receipts! (K. Michelle voice)

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