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1. Magnifying or Minimizing

Exaggerating the importance of certain aspects of a situation and underestimating the importance of other aspects, basically throws things out of proportion. Hello stress!

If you just take the time to really look at things the way they are and don’t make yourself a victim, you’ll be freer than you’ve ever felt. Be real, not dramatic.

2. Personalizing

The tendency to automatically blame yourself when things go wrong is one of the biggest ways of stressing yourself out. Take responsibility for what it is that you have to do and know that you did your best, then it is out of your hands. Notice your stress disappear.

3. Overgeneralizing

Jumping on thoughts about big character flaws in yourself or others without the evidence to support it. Saying, “Ugh, she’s such a b*tch!” just because your coworker asked you to correct something in a report doesn’t mean that she actually is one. You’re working yourself up for no reason at all. Plus, it’s not a fact, just a belief you have. Let that go and you’ll let your stress go.

4. Mind-Reading

Expecting another person to know what you are thinking, or assuming that you know what another person is thinking is just plain wrong. There’s no good that comes out of assuming. Certainty brings a level of clarity that is stress-free. Communicate and you’ll find that you will no longer have to assume.

5. Emotional Reasoning

Using changes in your emotions to tell you something about your world is not the way to go. This means that you are only running on your emotions and therefore never thinking clearly. Emotions will stress you the heck out, so chill and think logically.

6. Pessimism

Exaggerating the negative impact of an event is one of the biggest ways to stress. In your mind, you go over and over it and each time, you’re adding more and more dramatics. Stop that. Negative feelings breed negative thoughts and what does that bring? STRESS! Stop being so negative. Think positive thoughts and watch the stress disappear.LI

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