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1. Time To Hit The Road!

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Now that the summer is here, I’m sure plenty of you beauties will be hitting the road for vacation with your best girls. But make sure you pick the right friends to go with you! With the perfect group coming along, your summer road trip could be the best for years to come. Here’s the kind of girls you should invite along for an all-star team.

2. The DJ

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This one comes first, since having the right set of jams for that long car ride is the most important! Grab that girlfriend of yours who has great taste in music, who’s always introducing you to new artists and who is really good at surveying different interests. Good music creates the tone and it helps the ride go faster!

3. The Friend With A Really Good Sense Of Direction

Girl Scout Source:Getty

This is the second most important friend-the one that will figure out where to go when you get lost! Remember that girlfriend of yours who was a Girl Scout until the age of 16? She’d be perfect-she’s probably been on dozens of camping trips and knows how to read a map, use a compass and at the very least, she can read those Google Maps directions off of your iPhone.

4. The Comedian

The comedian Source:Getty

Like music, having someone who can crack some jokes and keep the mood light will make it a much more pleasant ride as the hours go by and as the best snacks dwindle. That high school girlfriend of yours who was voted class clown will make for a great companion. When she gets tired of talking, try popping in CDs of some of your favorite comedians doing stand-up so you and your girls can keep rolling with laughter.

5. The Food Connoisseur

The Food Connoisseur Source:Getty

Checking out all the best spots for food is one of the most fun parts of traveling. Bring along that girlfriend who knows the different regional foods and famous restaurants you should try. To make things easier, she can be the one to pull together the itinerary for meals so you can test out all the best foods and restaurants without having the stress of coordinating meals for everyone by yourself.

6. The Mechanic

The Mechanic Source:Getty

Finally, you’ve got to have a girl who knows her way around under a car hood. God forbid something breaks down, you run out of oil, or you need to change a tire mid-trip. Having a friend who can help make repairs on the fly will be far easier than trying to flag down help from the shoulder of the highway!

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