1. First Look: ‘Beyond The Lights’

From the creator of ‘Love & Basketball’ comes ‘Beyond the Lights’: the story of a the story of, Noni (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the music world’s latest superstar who crosses paths with young cop and aspiring politician Kaz Nicol (Nate Parker). We can’t wait to see more of this sexy love story when it hits theaters November 14, but first take a look at these exclusive photos!

2. First Look: ‘Beyond The Lights’

The British actress and actor who first stole our hearts in the 2007 movies “Pride” and “The Great Debaters” share a touching scene. Looks like there’s plenty of moments with his shirt off!

3. First Look: ‘Beyond The Lights’

When he IS wearing a shirt, Nate Parker plays a cop who aspires to be a politician.

4. First Look: ‘Beyond The Lights’

Will Noni, the talented young musician on the brink of super stardom, be able to deal with the pressure of her new-found success? You’ll have to watch the movie to see! But doesn’t actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw look every bit a pop star in this purple hair and sexy gold ensemble?

5. First Look: ‘Beyond The Lights’

Actress Minnie Driver plays Noni’s (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) “momager” Macy Jean. The film also stars Colson “MGK” Baker and Danny Glover.

6. First Look: ‘Beyond The Lights’

Noni’s got an industry boo? Bad Boy artist Machine Gun Kelly (at right) will play fictional rapper “Kid Culprit” in the film.

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