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There’s nothing like that golden, glistening, we-know-it’s-bad-for-us, but it’s oh-so good deep fried piece of heaven that is chicken! If you don’t believe me, check out what happens when you get in the way of someone and their beloved chicken. Here’s a gallery of some of the best and most ratchet fights over…you guessed it…chicken. In case you need a giggle or two today, click through this hilariously ratchet video gallery!

Must Read: Kevin Hart Reveals That He’s Perfect & Sometimes Likes Chicken In The Bedroom [EXCLUSIVE]

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4. Popeyes Not Honoring $4.99 Chicken Special

5. Man Screams For Chicken

6. Popeyes Ran Out Of Chicken!

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8. Wait, There’s A KFC In Malaysia?!

9. Chinese People Fight Over Chicken Too

10. Oh No, Not Colonel Sanders?!

11. How Did He Get His Job?!

12. Angry At KFC

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