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Faith-Based Lifestyle Brand Tashee Inc. Launches #StaySafeStayStylish Campaign

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In our new quarantined normal, fashionistas and style lovers get dressed to the nines for their living room. 

Unfortunately, some of us don’t have a living room or a room over our heads to call our own in this time when we need stability, love and comfort more than ever before. According to the Coalition for the Homeless, there were 62,679 homeless people reported in New York City as of January 2020. Right now during this crisis, homeless people are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 and are even being housed in hotels throughout the city to ensure their safety and protection.

That’s why Brooklyn native and the founder of faith-based lifestyle brand Tashee Inc. Natasha Lambkin has launched the No Fear Movement in collaboration with Hope for New York (HFNY)

“God put it on our heart to help the homeless who do not have anywhere to live during the quarantined season,” Natasha states. “We wanted to support a mission that was helping these individuals with food and shelter during this time of need.”  With every dollar earned, Lambkin and team will donate their sales earnings to aid the COVID-19 Relief Fund in assisting with providing shelter and food for the homeless. 

“We felt that HFNY was a great choice and proactive with helping the homeless with permanent living situations,” Natasha shares.

The No Fear Movement will sell reusable face masks inspired by her clothing line N A T A S H A Spring/Summer 2020 collection REDEMPTION, which will depict victory, recovery and healing.

The meaning of  REDEMPTION Collection conveys victory and recovery through life trials and tribulations. I wanted my face mask collection to convey the same meaning; which is why I had an epiphany to replicate the same story for the face masks,” says Natasha about how she pulled inspiration from REDEMPTION for her current collection.

“Many people are in need to feel encouragement during these dark times. With every story behind each mask I hope it will give each consumer the victory that they will need!”


Next Saturday, May 2nd, Lambkin and Tashee Inc. will be hosting a virtual campaign partly to showcase fashionable, reusable face masks as part of their #StaySafeStayStylish campaign. #StaySafeStayStylish was created by Natasha with the goal and mission of uplifting those in shelter in place to continue to look fashionable and fierce while in the comfort of their own homes. 

When asked about her mask collection’s choice of material, Natasha told HelloBeautiful, “I chose to use denim to create selected masks for various reasons. First, the denim material is the same material I used in my Redemption Collection. It is also 100% Cotton, which is recommended by the CDC to use when making cloth masks.”

She continues, “In addition, the color of the blue denim is inspired by the color of the sky. Which reminds me of heaven skies. When in prayer we are always looking up to the heavenly blue skies.”

During the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19, Tashee Inc. will be spearheading and planning virtual events as a means of encouragement and motivation that will overcome the coronavirus. Those who wish to partake can register via EventBrite and will have full access to the virtual parties and gatherings of fashionistas via web conference. This interactive experience will allow guests to showcase their fashionable masks and join in on a variety of discussion topics. 


In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at her amazing and sanctified face masks:


Faith-Based Lifestyle Brand Tashee Inc. Launches #StaySafeStayStylish Campaign Source:Natasha Lambkin

Have no fear, God is in control and the Devil isn’t welcome here!


Faith-Based Lifestyle Brand Tashee Inc. Launches #StaySafeStayStylish Campaign Source:Natasha Lambkin

The gold zipper is a perfect addition to “reveal” more coverage underneath.



Faith-Based Lifestyle Brand Tashee Inc. Launches #StaySafeStayStylish Campaign Source:Natasha Lambkin

Get into this multilayered face mask that can go perfectly with any denim-on-denim look.



Faith-Based Lifestyle Brand Tashee Inc. Launches #StaySafeStayStylish Campaign Source:Natasha Lambkin

White is known to represent purity, innocence and perfection – what a fitting name for this mask!





Faith-Based Lifestyle Brand Tashee Inc. Launches #StaySafeStayStylish Campaign Source:Natasha Lambkin

Alexa, play “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs.

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