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1. Erykah Badu Is A Must-Follow

From her hypnotizing eyes to her magnetic personality, there’s so many reasons that following Erykah Badu on Instagram is life-giving. Check out these amazing shots from her feed.

2. A Stunning Closeup…

…With smoky eye and all..

3. Traveling…

…with a relaxed cool.

4. Getting Ready…

…Backstage before an appearance.

5. Smilin’ For The Camera

..and still stunning…

6. A High Kick

…She’s also in heels, so…there’s that.

7. Looking Up..

…into space?

8. Looking Out Into The Crowd

Badu captivates and audience.

9. Thick, Luscious Hair

Serving ’70s funk.

10. Heart To Heart

Her toes are different colors…

11. Her Tools

Positive energy all around.

12. Peeking Out…

She could be a little shady when she wants…

13. At Peace…

A little butterfly lands on her hand.

14. Pigtails!

Looking cute as a button.

15. Funky ‘Do

A funky high fade to get fans excited.

16. Sangin’ Her Heart Out

Badu performs for her fans.

17. Laid Back And Comfortable

Even in a white tank, she’s still gangsta.

18. Artist’s Interpretation

This was a stunning portrait.

19. Looking Out The Window

But, those glasses, though?

20. Blonde Bob

Looking cool and sophisticated.

21. Multicolored


22. Chillin’ With Friends

Badu is ready to relax.

23. Gazing

Blonde streaks.

24. Keepin’ It Casual

Rocking a sporty look.

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