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1. Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams Source:Getty

Actor Jesse Williams is always at the forefront of civil rights issues, using his social media platform to spark change as he enlightens readers with profound statuses that explain the Black plight. As the #BaltimoreUprising continues to make national news, Jesse’s Twitter has become a diary for the Black community.

2. Beyonce Responds To The Baltimore Tragedy

Beyonce Cosmetology Center Unveiling At Phoenix House Source:Getty

The singer took to her Instagram to share a photo of a man with an American flag draped over him which bears the name of Black men killed by police officers in America.

3. Jeezy

Jeezy Source:Getty

Rapper Young Jeezy took President Obama to task on Instagram. “P.S. Mr. President, I’m sure your fancy dinner was nice and all, but it’s over now. Time to go to work…unless it’s out of your hands, then we will handle it,” he wrote.

4. Wale

Wale Source:Getty

Poetic MMG artist Wale is one of the few rappers who uses their platform to educate his fans and enlighten his listeners. Following the uprising in Baltimore, Wale visited Frederick Douglass High School to talk to the teens about the riots that caused them to miss school.

5. Wale Makes A Surprise Visit To Baltimore High School

“Regardless of what’s happened out here, these are the young leaders of tomorrow and they have to look in the mirror and see something better than what they’re being perceived as on TV,” Wale said. “We need each other. We need our community leaders to come step forward and we need these kids to understand that somebody believes in them.”

6. Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett Source:Getty

Jussie Smollett doesn’t only play an outspoken character on Empire, the actor is socially conscious in real life and using his social media platform to take down meat heads like Donald Trump.

7. Jussie Smollett Takes Down Donald Trump

8. Jussie Smollett Takes Down Donald Trump

9. Questlove

Questlove Source:Getty

Musician Questlove translated the verbiage being used by White outlets to describe Blacks.

10. David Banner

David Banner Source:Getty

David Banner is another outspoken celeb, who uses his fame to educate the youth about Black oppression. His tweets about the #BaltimoreUprising continue to detail the media’s biased coverage of the “riots.”

11. Brave Williams

Brave Williams Source:Getty

“R&B Divas” star Brave visited her hometown and helped clean the streets.

12. Khole Kardashian

French Montana Hosts Compound Source:Getty

Khloe Kardashian showed her support by posting this image, “Pray For Baltimore.” While her attempt was met with backlash, she’s using her platform to raise awareness around the city in uproar.

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