1. Stars Supporting Ferguson

Ferguson, Mo. has been getting a ton of support via social media, however, many people have gone the extra mile to go to Ferguson and march with the Mike Brown supporters. Of those people are a few select celebrities who have joined in with demonstrators to encourage, uplift and affect change. Check out these celebs who have gone to Ferguson to support.

2. Jesse Williams

Beautiful actor, Jesse Williams is being called the Harry Belafonte of our time because of the fervor of which he’s choosing to speak out against what’s happening in Ferguson. His best line yet? To the police: “You don’t own us anymore!”

3. Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli called out Don Lemon on inaccurate reporting and the media’s overall portrayal of the Michael Brown shooting and the protests that soon followed. The entire interview was a series of awkward moments.

4. J. Cole

“This is a beautiful thing, people here are saying it: ‘Don’t let them tell you otherwise.’ We’ve been here five hours walking through the streets, and it ain’t no violence, everything is love. Yeah, you got a lot of people that are mad, and rightfully so, of course. Then you got some people — a lot of people — that, yes they’re mad but they see the perspective that violence don’t bring peace.”

5. Elle Varner

The gorgeous singer lent her beautiful vocals to a song supporting Mike Brown. The song “One Love” is about spreading peace where it’s needed (http://bit.ly/1q5Cezo).

6. Nelly

Nelly received criticism for not visiting the town close to his hometown. So he spoke to protesters after marching with them, but urged them to not destroy “our neighborhoods and start choosing better options. We gotta understand that we got options and stop choosing the reaction option,” he said to the crowd. “That’s it. At the end of the day we’re gonna pay. Our brothas are the ones that’s gonna be in jail.”

7. Iyanla Vanzant

“My heart hurts for the family of Michael Brown and the citizens of Ferguson,” Iyanla said in a press release. “In the wake of this tragic death, it is my responsibility as a mother, grandmother and teacher to show my support and to offer the community a chance to share its story with the nation.”

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