When we were kids, the thought of creating our own Halloween costumes felt more like a melodramatic tragedy than the social media movement its turned into today. Now-a-days, the best costumes are the ones that come in the packages at Party City. The best costumes now come from memes, gifs, viral moments and children are in on it too! From a young Cardi B to the Martin characters we love, Scroll through this gallery of the most creative Halloween costumes we found on Instagram.

1. Young Cardi B

2. Jay Z & Beyonce

3. Young Cardi B

4. Baby Sza

5. Cast of Martin

6. Janet Jackson “Control”

7. Cardi B At #NYFW

8. The Rugrats

9. Baby Colin Kaepernick

10. Baby Cardi B via American Music Awards

11. Serena Williams in her Catsuit via French Open 2018

12. Martin Lawerence’s Otis

13. Chris Tucker’s Ruby Rhod, Fifth Element

14. Okoye from Black Panther

15. Baby Beychella

16. Baby Killmonger

17. LeBron James as an LA Laker

18. The Incredibles

19. A Dead Ass Bee

20. Serena Williams via 2018 US Open

21. Barber Hairstyle Guide

22. Suicide Squad’s Haley and Joker

23. TLC from Creep

24. Lena Waithe at the 2018 Met Gala

25. Da Brat, Missy Elliot, Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez, Lil Kim

26. Steve Harvey

27. One-Night Stand…Get it?

28. The Mona Lisa

29. Andre 3000 from the “Hey Ya” Video

30. Queen Bey

31. Destiny’s Child

32. The Nun

33. Bruno Mars and Cardi B

34. Lisa Left Eye Lopez

35. “Martin”

36. “Hey Arnold”

37. Doja Cat

38. Superfly 2018

39. The Ladies From Baps

40. Looking Meme

41. The Weeknd

42. Baby Missy Elliot

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