1. boohoo Plus Size Collection

Rarely do I see a new plus size collection and instantly love every piece, but that is indeed what happened when released their new plus size collection. The new Spring collection is a cornucopia of trends. From leather moto-jackets, to white pencil skirts, to jersey dresses–trust me curvistas, we’re gonna be envied when wearing these duds. Check it out.

2. Monochrome!

3. 90’s inspired denim.

4. Olivia Pope-white for everyone.

5. Floral has everyone ready for spring.

6. Short mini skirts…I’ll take those too.

7. Neon and sheer perfection.

8. Be bold with a floral and neon combination.

9. Pencil skirts are our best friends.

10. Funky and edge for our daring fashion queens.

11. Love this, just don’t sit down on the NY subway trains.

12. I already bought this one!

13. Coral is a color that works on everyone.

14. Print has never looked so good.

15. How this for your all white parties?!

16. Very body conscious!

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