1. 11 Things Black Women Think About Every Damn Day

11 Things Black Women Think About Every Damn Day

The mind of a black woman is a vast world filled with career goals, woke revelations, evasive love, beauty, marriage, awe, children, and spirit. Between the hustle and bustle of every day living, our minds are constantly racing with the past, present, and future.

Here is a brief examination into 11 ramblings that run through the mind of a black woman on a daily basis:

2. Our Edges

Our Edges

We think about whether they are laid or sweated out or thinning or Naomi Campbell gone. You may see them toothbrushed to perfection in pictures, or baby hair laid to the gawwds (insert mental image of FKA Twigs).

But laid edges, are almost like the magic trick of black hair care—in the morning you see them, by 12 noon, you don’t.

This GIF is how your edges feel when you’ve had your weave in too long.

3. Pregnancy


For colored girls who dreamed of planned b when pull out wasn’t enough.

But seriously, how many times have you texted your friend like:

“My left breast feels heavier than my right, am I pregnant?”

“My period is two hours, 3 minutes, and 52 seconds late, am I pregnant?”

Pregnancy seems like this thing you’re always trying to avoid, or actively trying to achieve and each side of the coin brings unbelievable stress.

4. Sex Or Lack Of Sex

Sex Or Lack Of Sex

We may not talk about sex all day, but we’re definitely thinking about it. You know in the middle of the work day when your vagina gets a flashback of what happened last night? Whew.

Or, when you’re in the drought—for whatever reason: abstinence, virginity, or lack of options, and you feel like cobwebs are forming between your legs, and your vibrator just blew a fuse from overuse (true story), sex is on your mind.

5. How Annoying Our Mothers Are On Facebook

How Annoying Our Mothers Are On Facebook

You almost want to curse Mark Zuckerberg for opening it up to people not in college for this. Your mom improperly uses every emoji and acronym on Facebook and plasters that mess all over your wall.

This is Mom, remember me? Are you having a good day? LMAO ;)

Like, whet?

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