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We’ve all heard the saying that popular saying “Black don’t crack,” but a recent study found that cultural myth is an actual fact!

According to a report published in JAMA Facial Plastics in April, researchers found that because our bones are denser and don’t break as easy compared to white people, our faces have better structural support for longer. Translation: We have more youthful-looking skin for longer.

This is why we can be 40-years-old and look like we just got out of college!

So to celebrate this science (and our infinite magic), from Angela Bassett to Sade to Gabrielle Union, here are 31 famous sistas that continue to prove that are truly youthful magic regardless of our age.

1. Cicely Tyson: Age 93

TCM Honors Screen Legend Cicely Tyson With Hand And Footprint Ceremony Source:Getty

The Oscar and Emmy nominated iconic actress looks younger than a lot of white women in their 30s–cough, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. From her fierce ombre wigs to her empowering attitude, Cicely Tyson embodies the notion that age is just a number.

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