1. We Don’t Think She Was Ready For That Jelly

MET Gala dresses Source:Getty

Beyonce recently revealed that it was her vegan diet that helped her shed a shocking 65 pounds. “After having my daughter [in 2013], I made a conscious effort to regain control of my health and my body,” Beyoncé writes. “But I didn’t want to do a crash diet.” What?! Beyonce struggles with dieting?! We needed photographic proof, so we went to find it! Check out these pics that prove Bey’s just like us with diets!

2. June 29, 1998

Beyonce Source:Getty

When Beyonce burst onto the scene as a 16-year-old, we saw a very shapely teen who wasn’t the normal size 2. We loved that she had curves that she was very proud of.

3. June 3, 2000

Beyonce In Ugly Dress Source:Getty

By the 2000s, Beyonce started to slim down. Could it have been the pressures of Hollywood?

4. October 18, 2000

Beyonce in sparkles Source:Getty

Even slimmer!

5. January 24, 2001

Beyonce In Leather Source:Getty

She’s even swimming in her leather shorts! LOL!

6. February 26, 2001

Beyonce in Gold Source:Getty

Look at how baggy these shorts are!

7. March 11, 2001

Beyonce In Fatigue Source:Getty

Then something happened. Beyonce’s abs were starting to show more, but she was getting thicker in the thighs…

8. November 7, 2002

Beyonce in denim Source:Getty

Still toned

9. November 6, 2003

Beyonce's worst outfit ever Source:Getty

A year later, Beyonce’s looking thicker than a snicker.

10. November 25, 2003

Beyonce Source:Getty

Look at all that booty! And her hips! This was around the time of Destiny’s Child’s classic hit, “Bootylicious.”

11. May 7, 2004

Beyonce In Nude Leather Source:Getty

We were really loving this “fuller” Beyonce.

12. June 21, 2004

Beyonce In Blue Dress Source:Getty

Tone, but full bodied beautiful!

13. August 31, 2005

Beyonce Performing In Sparkles Source:Getty

Beyonce’s keeping it toned.

14. July 31, 2006

Beyonce Source:Getty

Someone’s getting thick again!

15. June 26, 2007

Beyonce In Too Much Silver Source:Getty

Maybe the belt is to distract us from Beyonce’s bootyliciousness.

16. October 30, 2008

US pop singer Beyonce Knowles (L) and he Source:Getty

Looking thick, Bey!

17. February 3, 2010

Beyonce Launches Her Fragrance ''Heat'' At Macy's Herald Square Source:Getty

18. April 20, 2011

Beyonce Sighting Source:Getty

This is when Beyonce found out she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

19. May 22, 2011

Beyonce Billboard Source:Getty

A month pregnant.

20. June 26, 2011

Beyonce Glastonbury Source:Getty

Two months pregnant.

21. August 28, 2011

Beyonce Pregnant Source:Getty

All the way pregnant.

22. September 17, 2011

Beyonce Sparkles Pregnant Source:Getty

Beyonce’s a glowing and beautiful pregnant woman.

23. September 22, 2011

Beyonce In White Dress Source:Getty

Still growing and showing.

24. February 20, 2012

Beyonce in yellow blazer Source:Getty

One month post-partum.

25. April 15, 2012

Beyonce At Basketball game Source:Getty

Three months post baby.

26. May 6, 2013

Beyonce Source:Getty

Still struggling to get rid of that baby weight.

27. December 22, 2013

Beyonce Mrs. Carter Show Source:Getty

That baby weight is GONE!

28. January 26, 2014

Beyonce Drunk In Love Source:Getty

Beyonce is all the way skinny! Look at that thigh gap!

29. November 15, 2014

Beyonce Solange Wedding Source:Getty

Wearing white and looking snatched.

30. February 10, 2015

Beyonce Stevie Performance Source:Getty

Bey’s getting thicker again!

31. March 30, 2015

Jay Z, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and more at the TIDAL Music Launch Source:Getty

One month later, she’s back to being toned! How?! Must have been the vegan diet.

32. May 4, 2015

Beyonce Met Gala 2015 Source:Getty

65 pounds down!

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