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1. Get Your Life & Get the Preview! Beyoncé’s Visual Album

Beyonce snatched the the Internet’s whole entire lives when she dropped an visual album, December 14, with 14 tracks and 17 sexy new music videos (no, seriously, the album sold 80,000 copies in 3 hours!). Get a 30 second preview of the visuals everyone’s buzzing about!

2. “Haunted”

Bey is serving Josephine Baker badness. Get into those finger waves, suga! We’re not looking at the 1920s the same again.

3. “Ghost”

We’re still scratching our heads over this video. From the black drapey thing to the two Beyonces, this was a lot. We still love her anyway, though.

4. “Drunk In Love” featuring Jay Z

We know this is gonna bump on every radio station. Hopefully, it’ll be still hot enough to bump on the beach. Yes, beach!

5. “No Angel”

This video is pretty unexpected, from the gangsta grills to Bey’s all-white ‘fit. But, we live for her hair flips.

6. “Partition”

This is probably the sexiest vid we’ve seen from the whole project and we can’t help but think of Ciara when she had this moment with Future in her video. But, Bey proves she can do it with Jay, too.

7. “Jealous”

Bey continues with her lace realness with this little gem. Ooop, is that a grill that we see peaking through those teeth?!

8. “Rocket”

This video is definitely giving us a lot of skin. Literally. We want to land on a bed like Bey.

9. “Mine” featuring Drake

Queen Beyonce or Sister Beyonce? We’re living for the regal white realness. She’s so angelic.

10. “XO”

Remember when she was at Coney Island over the summer and we didn’t know why she was there? Oh, Bey, you’re so clever. How did your hat not fall off on that rollercoaster, though?

11. “***Flawless” featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Even when Beyonce is gangsta, she’s flawless. We especially love that fact that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was featured on this track.

12. “Superpower” featuring Frank Ocean

This definitely seems like a ‘Girls’ video sequel because it’s giving the same apocalyptic war vibe. Sidenote: underboob!

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