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1. What Would You Do? Interracial Couple Faces Criticism

ABC News’ “What Would You Do” show places unsuspecting bystanders in awkward and real life situations as an experiment to watch how they react in real life situations. A recent episode, where a White woman is heckled at a Black barber shop elicits thoughts about the treatment of individuals in interracial relationships. Check out the most thought-provoking episodes of “What Would You Do?”

2. What Would You Do?: Waitress Pays More Attention to Phone Than Diners

Scenario: You’re at dinner, getting ready to try the finest cuisine and you’re waitress is completely preoccupied by her cell phone while you’re trying to place your order! Instead of answering questions about the menu, she’s chatting to her girls via blue tooth! The nerve! Personally, we’d would call the manager & demand that my meal be complimentary! How would you react?

3. What Would You Do? Single Mother Of 4 Children Can’t Afford Food!

Scenario: You’re at the grocery store and the customer in front of you in the check out line can’t afford to pay for her groceries on her EBT card. Do you listen to her story sympathetically with no help or offer to pay for some of even all of her groceries? The obvious good Samaritan answer would be to offer to help pay for some of the food, but you’d be surprised by how people actually reacted in this video!

4. What Would You Do? – Too Overweight to Shop?

Last but not least, this awful scenario: You’re in a shopping mall and you catch the sales clerk assisting a customer. When they go and look for a specific item, the sales clerk informs the customer that they don’t have anything in her size, implying that she’s too overweight to shop there! The nerve! How would you react? Would you speak up or keep quiet?

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