1. Best Vines Of 2015

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Some of 2015’s funniest moments came from the Internet. From Nick Fraser’s epic ‘Why you always lyin'” vine to Ms. Foxy’s ‘I was waiting for you at the doe,’ here are the biggest viral vines of 2015!

2. ‘If you can’t go to Bella Noche’s, where the hell could you go?’

Hazel London and her best friend Jerhonda Henderson became the Internet’s favorite duo after their interview with WBRZ went viral.

3. ‘I was waiting on you at the doe’

A&E’s ‘Scared Straight,’ gave birth to not only one of the greatest TV moments of all time, but to one of 2015’s biggest gems. ‘I was waiting for you at the doe’ became one of the year’s biggest vines, making Foxy an Internet sensation.

4. Why you always lyin’

Nick Fraser won 2015 with the most viral (and hilarious) vine of the year. Fraser’s remix of Next’s ‘Too Close’ catapulted him to mass success and on stage alongside Next’s former lead singer RL.

5. Patti! (James Wright Voice)

Like Nick Fraser, James Wright Chanel reached unimaginable success after releasing a musical review of Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie. Since going viral, James has appeared on daytime talk shows with his idol and even on stage.

6. ‘Go best friend, that’s my best friend’

Tokyo Vanity hit it big when she dropped a vine of her best friend twerking. But it was her harmonious ad-libs that sent the clip viral and later spawned a music video with over 4 million views.

7. Thug Life

With over 6 million views on Youtube, this cat became the poster child for Thug Life vines.

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