1. A Fashion Superhero

Andre Leon Talley may not be your average superhero, but you can’t deny his super powers! As Editor-At-Large of Vogue, Talley’s clearly well-respected in the fashion industry and often creates masterpieces of the stars he takes under his wings: J. Hud, Renee Zellweger and Michelle Obama–to name a few. And aren’t these ladies fierce?! See…super powers! Check out his best swathed in fabric moments!

2. Met Gala Realness

Andre Leon Talley Source:Getty

This is literally the only location Andre shows up in a cape and fits right in with all the extravagant costumes.

3. Don’t Tell PETA

Andre’s mink is hangin’ to the floor.

4. BFF’s

Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley are the best of friends and their closets must be filled with all the most fabulous of all designs.

5. Yessss, Work!

Andre looks like he’s ready to party in his version of the LBD.

6. Royalty

Doesn’t he look regal?

7. All Red Everything

He’s going for a bold red look and we’re not even mad.

8. The New Black

Black is the most forgiving color ever and Andre loves a Black moment.

9. 81403272

10. 86373032

11. Serious Business

Don’t mess with Andre. Just don’t do it.

12. Seriously…

Don’t mess with him.

13. Peekaboo

Andre sees you!

14. Friends In High Places?

Star Jones is covering up Andre’s epic gown…? Do we call it that?

15. When It’s Cold Outside

Andre’s got fur of life.

16. Technicolor Dream Coat

She wants a piece of this jacket and Andre knows it.

17. What About Your Friends?

When Whoopi comes with you on a red carpet, you know you’re fly. Satin anyone?

18. The Old Renee

When Renee hung out with Andre, she woke up like this.

19. Fuzzy Wuzzy


20. Big Red

Honey, you just better blow in the wind.

21. King Jaffe Joffer

She’s your queen to be?

22. Mellow Yellow

Even on a chill day, Andre is still winning.

23. Purple Reign

Look back at it.

24. I See You Shinin’!

What is this…velvet?!

25. How Many Animals Had To Die?

Seriously though.

26. Nicki, Is That You?

Remember when Nicki showed up to the Grammys in the same outfit?

27. Medieval Times

Seriously, how much fabric do his designers buy?!

28. Besties

Maybe Anna’s trying to figure out how much fabric his designers buy?

29. Graduation Day?

Is this a graduation robe or nah? Either way, I’ll take one in every color!

30. Because He’s Happppyyy!

Is this one of Pharrell’s hats?!

31. Yasssss!

This is the robe of life. Life I tell you!

32. Is This Is The Reason Why This Gallery Had To Be Done.

North West as Andre Leon Talley is the stuff dreams are made of.

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