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1. Check Out The Nominees!

The 45th NAACP Image Awards have the heavy task ahead of them to pinpoint one comedy as the winner, out of five of the most hilarious shows on TV. From Kevin Hart’s reality show spoof to Don Cheadle’s fast-talking dramedy, the outstanding comedy series category is filled to the brim with laughter. Check out the nominees.

2. Modern Family: The Family Tree

This ABC comedy shows a mixed family that will make you smile. A grandfather who marries a PYT, has two kids–one gay, one control freak–who are both married with kids. There’s generational, cultural and social gaps that they fight to bridge in every episode and each antic they get into leaves us giggling.

3. The Soul Man: Fathers and Daughters

Honestly, anything Cedric the Entertainer plays a reverend in, is side-splittingly funny. Cedric plays a R&B star, turned reverend who takes over his father’s church and has to manage his relationships with his wife and children after giving up an extravagant lifestyle for a simpler, more humbled lifestyle. The comedy here is fantastic!

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