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While social situations and get-togethers often involve food and drinks, your friendships might be adding pounds! You can’t out-run your diet. Here are 18 things to do with friends that will pack in the quality time and keep off the pounds!

1. Take a walk in the park.

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A walk in the park is relaxing and allows you to appreciate nature. There is nothing like a walk and talk with a friend.

2. Learn a new skill.

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Afraid of public speaking? Take a Toastmasters course. Want to learn to code? Take a course together! Elevating your skillsets together ensures everyone wins and is a great way to maximize your time together. It also ensures you will see each other on a consistent basis.

3. Get involved!

Couple donate items to food and clothing drive Source:Getty

There are many people who can benefit from your boredom. Volunteer with a local organization. Hand out fliers for the candidate of your choice. Giving back makes everyone involved feel great!

4. Go for a bike ride

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A leisurely bike ride is a great way to burn calories while telling your friend all the good things happening in your life!

5. Get creative!

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Take a painting class together and sit in the back as you giggle over whose painting would make Picasso jealous. Low on cash? Head on over to Pinterest and pick a fun DIY project.

6. Video chat!

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Does your bestie live far away? Schedule some video messaging time. Trust me – it’s fun and the closest thing you’ll get to in person.

7. Go for a drive!

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Hop in the car with your friend and go…anywhere! A drive can be relaxing and a wonderful way to catch up with a friend. Put on your seat belts, hit the open road and talk with no interruptions!

8. Go shopping!

Women shopping together in mall Source:Getty

Friends that slay together, stay together! Go shopping with a friend whose style you admire. She can help you pick out great looks or be an extra voice to tell you to keep it or leave it.

9. Live music!

Woman laughing, having fun and dancing. Source:Getty

Instant dance party!! Get down to live music at an outdoor park or watch your favorite musician or group in concert. It’s a guaranteed good time!

10. Go to church

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Are both of you religious? Pray together! A friendship that supports each others’ faith is a true friendship indeed.

11. People watch

Surprised women whispering secrets Source:Getty

Sit and make-up stories about those that are passing by while you catch up on each others’ lives.

12. Plant seeds…literally!

African American woman watering plants Source:Getty

Gardening with friends will help create something that is good for the environment and can also flourish…like your friendship!

13. Decorate!

Woman hanging wallpaper Source:Getty

Home project? Want to spruce up a room? Find a friend with a great eye and update your interior space while you catch up on life, love, and more.

14. Get a mani!

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A mani with a friend is allows you both to sit and get pretty and pampered while catching up on each others’ lives.

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