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In case you were living under a rock, better yet in the endless abyss of a black hole, you missed Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, which included a medley of her best hits like, “Love On Top” and “Crazy In Love.” King Bey also brought out her fellow band members from her girl group days, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for some good old fashioned Destiny’s Child reminiscing.

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While I screamed from the top of my lungs throughout the entire performance, by the end, I was left wanting more. After chatting with many of you, I realized that you also wanted more. Here’s the thing guys–it wasn’t a Beyonce concert, contrary to popular belief. Beyonce served up a full half time performance, but because she’s Bey, we wanted more. Here’s a list of the songs we wished Beyonce and Destiny’s Child would have sang.

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1. “Dance For You”

2. “Party”

3. “Deja Vu”

4. “So Good”

5. “No No No Part 2”